More citizens get house lots – CH&PA allocates 200

─ some applied more than a decade ago

─ young people, persons with disabilities, GDF and GPF ranks benefit

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, April 18, 2019

Two hundred persons were today able to have house lots allocated to them from the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), allowing them to start building homes for their families.

Many of those who benefitted were among persons who attended the recent community outreaches held by the CH&PA. Among them were several young couples, members of the Guyana Defence and Police Forces and persons living with disabilities.

Dinesh Ramkarran.

Clifford George.

Stacy Johnson, a typist who uses a wheelchair said, “I am very elated today to have been allocated a house lot by the Central Housing and Planning Authority. And I would like to express my appreciation to Minister Patterson for making this process such an easy one for me, and I look forward to taking the steps to owning my own home – one that is accessible, so I can be independent.”

Applicants like Dinesh Ramkarran and Clifford George had applied long before Minister within the Ministry of Communities, with responsibility for Housing, Valerie Adams-Patterson took office. Several applications went as far back as 1993.

“Renting place all the time is not easy, so it’s good to get my own thing, at the present time on a day like today,” said an elated Ramkarran.

George commended the CH&PA as his wait is now over: “It’s been twelve long years, and determination and persistence have paid off here today and it clearly shows that the minister and team have been doing splendid work.”

Minister Adams-Yearwood explained, the CH&PA is currently handing out doing allocations for Mon Repos, Annandale, Vigilance, La Bonne Intention (LBI) and Good Hope, East Coast of Demerara (ECD) and Meten-Meer-Zorg on the West Bank of Demerara, as there is room for more development in those areas.

“This is the first phase of the allocations. Many persons have indicated their interest. But today, we are handing out allocations to 196 persons.”

She said the CH&PA will be allocating house lots only in the aforementioned areas and is looking at developing Williamsburg, Number 75 Village and Ordinance Fortlands in Region 6. “And we’re also working on, Amelia’s Ward for Region 10, we are going there on the 30th also in Kwakwani in May for house lot allocation as well as Ituni.”

Further, only distribution of house lots will be done on the outreaches to come on April 25, 28 and 30, as the housing solutions programme will see keys being handed over to new owners.

Kipenie Jordan.

Images: Karime Peters.

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Mitwah don't you know, this is all Election Freebies for votes, more to come. If wasn't for the NCV and impending early election, these people would remain homeless. Most of these people receiving free house lots will turn round and sell them at a higher price, the land is cheap, the construction that cost the money, they can't afford to build.

 The PPP had given out thousands of house lots and soon after the lots changed hands. In Tusheon WCD there are many empty house lots that people are trying to sell

Mitwah posted:
kp posted:
Mitwah posted:

KP, don't they have to build within a certain time, else the land goes back to GOG? 

I checked with someone who resides in Toronto  and he said NO.

Then the GOG needs to place a phantom lean on the properties.

Lots of people want things even though they don't know or care what to do with them.

I personally do not object to Guyanese receiving house lots. We have a lots of land and this should become a priority for any government.

Guyanese should also receive benefits as oil revenues start flowing.

The wealthy have enough and become greedy as time goes by while the poor suffer unnecessarily. 

Fighting poverty in Guyana should be a non partisan effort. 

skeldon_man posted:

Are these lots free?

It's a lottery system during the PPP time, and one per household to qualify. The lots are given free. but to family income, size of family and immediate need are taken into consideration to be eligible.

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