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MMG signs first sporting entity – Archery Guyana

Mobile Money Guyana (MMG) has signed its first sporting entity in Guyana to utilize its platform for subscription services. Cognizant of the difficulties encountered during the global

Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon

Bobita Ram – GM MMG

Covid-19 Pandemic and as the world embraces the new β€œnormal”, Queen’s College Alumnae, Bobita Ram and Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, worked together to implement an innovative and convenient option for the members and donors of Archery Guyana.
Mobile Money is a mobile payment service which will allow any Archery Guyana Member, sponsor or potential sponsors to make payments to the sporting entity from the convenience of their mobile phone or any of MMG’s 350+ agent locations countrywide.
Persaud-McKinnon, in expressing how happy she was for the collaboration said, β€œThis will be a convenient and easy option for members to renew their subscription fees, enter various competitions and pay their competition fees, all from the comfort of their home.” She took this opportunity to encourage all club members, sponsors and future sponsors to register for the mobile platform.
β€œWe need to keep the spirit of archery alive even in these unprecedented times,” said Persaud-McKinnon. She added how thankful Archery Guyana was for the diligence with which the MMG team worked to get this process set up.
Ram indicated how proud she was that the MMG could play such a vital role throughout many spheres. β€œElectronic payment facilities play a key role in supporting organisations such as Archery Guyana and we look forward to its members experiencing the ease of use that this safe and secure channel provides,” she said.
Archery Guyana wishes to thank the MMG and GTT teams for their diligence during the setting up process. Persons are encouraged to register for MMG at to benefit from the numerous payment and shop options the platform provides.


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