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VishMahabir posted:
Mitwah posted:
Ray posted:


I am just exercising my right.  

Mitsm, why you letting these bannas mess with your head...?

have some champaign, while you watching Netflix with them grand kids...

Vish, I am in a good mood listening to oldies and reminiscing my University days. 

I got the eggnog you sent me. Thanks.  

We can all get along as along we recognize that we will have differences of opinions and they will collide. We cannot take the collision personally. You win some and you lose some. Nothing gained nothing lost. 

GNI is like a political rum shop. Some drink and behave bad and some don’t drink and they still behave bad. 

Riff and Amral are the bouncers. 

Ray posted:

I don't have time to remove comments from your thread, if you don't want people to comment on your thread, then don't start's a public forum

So very appropriate coming from an Administrator. Sad!

I have taken your suggestion and will refrain from  starting any new threads. You may delete any threads that I have started and I would not hold it  against you.

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