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Sheik101 posted:
Zed posted:

No PNC flags in evidence.  Must have had an earthquake yesterday to result in some mountains on our coastal belt. Man, talk about miracles. First, Mitts is back. Now mountains. What the heck is happening? Cain needs to take a trip to Guyana to see such a miracle. Lol

And Base believing it too. PNC coming on straaang.

Bai, Base having lil fun.  See my heading β€œMissive.β€πŸ˜

ksazma posted:

I know that it is only a matter of time before Django chastise Terrence Moore for his deception. πŸ˜€

Participants on Social media does their own thing . There was a large crowd at Golden Grove on the East Coast Demerara. The rally was broadcast live.

On the West Coast Demerara ,at Tarla Dam there was also  a large crowd at the PPP meeting ,it wasn't broadcasted live .Ifraan is from the Region ,me thinks there should have been a live broadcast.Not sure if Irfaan addressed the gathering ,there is nothing mentioned in the Guyana Times or other medias.

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