This is difficult to say so I will just write down what the local Guyana Association wrote today:

"Passing of Meharam Sugrim

I have just been informed by his wife, Mohanie Sugrim, that Meharam Sugrim passed peacefully, last night …12 Feb 2019 around 20:30 hours.

Further details to follow regarding funeral arrangements, etc."

Guyana Association, Vancouver, BC

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Leonora posted:

OMG. I think he went to Guyana a few years ago and picked up Dengue Fever but I'm not sure. He was a very vibrant GNI member and staunch PPP supporter in GNI's early days. Deepest sympathy to his wife and family. May he rest in peace.

Drugb posted:

Condolences, it is unfortunate. Some years back he was said to be in a coma after contracting malaria in Guyana. 

That also is my understanding about his illness.

We have talked on the phone regularly until he got ill.

Mark Twain wrote, "The value of a mans contributions to life would saddened even the Undertaker when his body is prepared for the life beyond." Mara was a valued citizen and on this site his comments were always respectful.

I am always a critic of CBJ and the harm he has done Guyana. Many years ago, Mara took me to task on my assesment of the gentleman. He disagreed, respectfully. 

Lately, I have been contempting on mans mortality. A full life, with respect and genuine character simply cannot just cease. I believe the soul carries on in a different place-ancient civilizations laid up treasures for that journey.

Safe travels my countryman. For those you have fathered, they continue on in this infinite world. Your achievements would be a standard bearer.


Official announcement regarding Mr. Meharam Sugrim funeral service as received today from our local Guyana Association:

REST IN PEACE, MEHARAM SUGRIM (October 25, 1951- February 12, 2019) – Post by Surindra Sugrim

Dear family and friends,

Our beloved father, husband, brother and dear friend left this world at 8:30PM on 12 Feb 2019, in the presence of his loved ones. As most of you know, the last six years of his life have perhaps been his most difficult. To see him pass in a peaceful setting and to leave this world with a gentle smile is a great gift to us, and is most deserving for a man of his character.

His funeral is set for Wednesday February 20th, 1:30PM, at the Valley View Funeral Home in Delta, BC followed by a 13 day religious service at his home residence.

Your support and presence means much to us during this time.

One of many great things Meharam has imparted on us is a taste and appreciation for great music, particularly Hindi cinema's golden years. We are sharing a YouTube and Spotify playlist of some of his favourite songs.
I can still hear him singing these to us children on many a car rides.

Playing these songs for my father has helped him in releasing and us in the grieving process.

Meharam was a selfless man. In lieu of flowers, we ask that you donate on his behalf to a charity of your choice or to Seva Canada.
For every $50 received, a blind individual in a developing country will receive a surgery that will restore their eye sight (

Thank you for your love and support.

Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019 at 1:30PM

Valley View Funeral Home

14644 72 Avenue

Surrey, BC

Wife, Mohanie @ 604-770-0735

Son, Surindra @ 604-781-6133


440 West 15th Street
North Vancouver, B.C.

Meharam Sugrim celebration of life (Youtube):…


I am sorry to learn of Mara's passing and wish to extend my sympathies to his family and many friends at this sad time. The Mara I knew since our days at the Penguin club in the mid 1960's was a fighter so I always hoped that he would have won the battle with his health issues. Unfortunately it was not to be .  The world has lost a genuine human being !  Rest in Peace old friend. 

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