May Bhagwaan Bless Guyana

(Urdu hymn in praise of hamaare pyaare nabee-ji) 


  1. Zaraa chehare (chehere) se kamalee ko, hataa do ya Rasoolallaah

Hamen bhee apna deevaanaa, banaa do ya Rasoolallaah

Zaraa chehare se kamalee ko, hataa do ya Rasoolallaah (2)

Please look in my direction, O messenger of Allah, and accept

me as (make me) your crazy disciple (follower), O prophet of God.


1,   Mohabbat gair se meree, chura do ya Rasoolallaah

Meree soyee hu-i qisamat, jagaa do ya Rasoolallah

Zaraa chehare se kamalee ko,  hataa do ya Rasoolallaah (2)

Save me from the love of this world, O messenger of Allah,

and help me to arise from my slumber, O prophet of God.


  1. Baree qisamat hamaaree hai, ke ummat men tumhaaree hai

Bharosaa deen-o-duniya men, tumhaaraa ya Rasoolallaah

Zaraa chehare se kamalee ko,  hataa do ya Rasoolallaah (2)

I am fortunate to be born (admitted) in your fold (ummat)

and (only) on you I can rely (I have faith), O messenger of Allah. 


  1. Andheree qabr men mujh ko, akelaa chhor jaayenge

Vahaan ho fazl se tere, ujaalaa yaa Rasoolallaah

Zaraa chehare se kamalee ko, hataa do ya Rasoolallaah (2)

I will be left all alone in a dark grave when I go (die), let that

moment also be illumined by your divine light, O messenger of Allah.


  1. Khuda mujh ko madeene men,  jo pahunchaaye to behatar hai

Ke roze par hi de doon jaan,  jaa  kar (?)  ya Rasoolallaah

Zaraa chehare se kamalee ko,  hataa do ya Rasoolallaah (2)

Hamein bhee apna deevaanaa, banaa do ya Rasoolallaah

Zaraa chehare se kamalee ko, hataa do ya Rasoolallaah.

I ask (pray to) Allah that I breathe my last In Medina, where better

to go (than) beside your holy tomb (sepulcher), O messenger of Allah. (??)

Nehru posted:

With the PNC and a Namakaram Crabdag ruling Guyana even God cannot save Guyana. They are incompetent, brainless and are too busy fuling their pockets and living the good life.

The voice of the people is the voice of God. The works and illusions  of Bhagwaan, only He/She can explain. We humans don't have the capacity to fathom it.

No one needs God to know that a namakaram Crabdaag and blood sucking Parasite sold his soul and much more for a Free House, Car and the good life while the Guyanese people are left with searching garbage cans and picking up cigarette Butts!!!

Tola posted:

Typical of some Guyanese, when something good is said or implemented, they always seem to find a way to knock it down.

If nothing else do, the Guyanese negative attitude will surely kill Guyana under any government.

Like you talk shit about helping BUT lurking for the kill!!!!!!!!

Mitwah posted:

This emotional song reminds me of six teenage friends at Albion in the 1960s. Dosti  was a popular movie at the time, that we saw together with six packs of Banks beer and cigarettes. During those years we  did stuff that could write volumes.

In 1964, we loaded  a  car with drinks and hired a designated driver to take us to #63 beach and Skeldon. We were fortunate that we stopped at a wedding at Hampshire and a photograph was taken of the seven of us together.  We drove through Black Bush Polder, bought  and ate from every fruit stand we passed.

Two have passed on and are buried in New York and Virginia.  Presently, one is in England with open heart surgery, another in New York with bladder problems and a urine bag. The one in Toronto recently had a kidney removed, with dialysis three times weekly  and another  in Western Canada with glaucoma.

I am the only one still able to travel and would see the others often. I can also do aerobics three times weekly, but there is no guarantee how long life will last.

So do things while you are still young and able to do them. Because you can retire with a good pension and not able to fully enjoy it,  due to poor health.

Mitwah posted:

Tola, all the songs from Dosti are very touching. I saw this movie at Raj Mahal Canje cinema. Meh cry bad bad.

Mits, me have the same feelings about Dosti, because I was disabled at that time.

In the 1960s a popular singer from India  had a concert at a Canje cinema. We travelled from Albion to see her.

 Was it at the Raj Mahal and do you know the name of the singer ?

On  another note : Me know a pastor at Wiliamsburg, near Rose Hall Town, who now lives in Jamaica. His father, Inshanally, was the projectionist at a Canje cinema. He said their father gave them lots of movie posters, that they cut and wrap their school books. Those things are now collector's item.  

I think the singer was Lata. When she arrived in Guyana, Cheddi had dem school chirren lined up with Guyana and India flags to welcome here. Lata said she felt like a queen. Yes it is the Raj Mahal. I saw Kishore there too.

Enjoy this one: I learned to blow my Echo mouth organ and  strum my Guitar with this song. 

Nehru posted:

Is it Raj Mahal or Roopmahal???

 Raj Mahal was at Canje and Roophamal was at Port Mourant,  across the road from the PM hospital, in front of the community centre.

A large business building is now located,  where Roophmal cinema once existed.

cain posted:

Hey Tola that is the cinema my ex spoke about..The RajMahal. I thought you didnt know that one.

Cain, Raj Mahal at Canje was too far to go for movies, but me went twice on special occasions.  Once when Lata had a concert  as described by Mits and another time to photograph an Albion band name Dil Bahar Orchestra. It is sad that two brothers I knew, died at the same time, who played in the band.

But Roophmal at Port Mourant !!   Me gun have to send you de book, because GNI don't have enough bandwidth to tell it all.

Thanks Mits, they are indeed emotional and memorable songs of a wonderful time.  

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