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Zara posted:

Comrade Granger and all Coalition comrades  not too very concerned. PPP comrades stage big crowd for show.  

Coalition crowd will show at voting place. 

Indeed, indeed, indeed ... Zara ...

They will show up, as stated by the PNCR minister Volda Lawrence, to ensure that election boxes filled only with PNCR+AFC votes are securely locked for tabulation by GECOM.


One of the sources ...


β€˜You cannot give David Granger no one-seat majority’- Volda Lawrence to supporters

, Source -- ,

The APNU+AFC Coalition is urging its supporters to be vigilant at the March 2, 2020 elections and to give the incumbent Government more than a one-seat majority in Parliament.

β€œThis is not a time for sleeping, they must not catch us sleeping on the job. At 6pm, you return to work at the places of polling and you will remain out there and let our staff inside know you’re out there,” she told those gathered.

She further noted that party members will follow the ballot boxes to GECOM.

β€œAnd then our nice strong men will be mobilized to follow that ballot box until it go into that container and the APNU+AFC padlock and chain is placed on that container. Joke ah joke but them vote, we nah mek none joke wid them so we are prepared to do what we say we’re going to do,” Lawrence said. of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) Volda Lawrence. [APNU+AFC photo]

Source and rest of the article --

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They have destroyed Guyana between 1964 to 1992.. PPPC rebuilt it, then from 2011 with their 1 seat majority they are again destroying the country.  Time to go. 

They resort to destroying Political Bill boards and muzzle democracy, the same way they  do on this site for the last month. 




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