Ray posted:
Zara posted:

Nice unite contry. Comrade Granger and Coalition take all Guyana people to better future after March 2. We contry wit all treat well. Good India comrades like comrade Nagamootoo helps makes better contry.  Whos no like Blackman rule leff.

Okay Zara, enough of the black man and Indian man talk

Ok comrade Ray. I only talk if rice eat PPP auntymans say bad wit Blackman.

ksazma posted:
Django posted:


Oh skites first time ,seeing three men running for Elections.

Embarrassing !!!!

Don't be a hater banna. Yuh know that the reason Ramjattan is not on any elections posters is because Granger has not made it official that Ramjattan will be the prime minister if the PNC succeeds in rigging the elections.

No hating ,total nonsense .Where  any Elections in Guyana there was such posters.

There are posters with Granger and Ramjattan ,maybe you looking the wrong places.