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Well its been a really rough year for trading of the most difficult I have seen...however, even though it was not a very good year, I am still up 14% so I will close up shop for the year and go on vacation to India see the Taj Mahaj..Kama Sutra temples...and Delhi...if I have time I may also go to Kashmir,..

Hopefully the new year is better for traders.

Happy Holiday's All!!!!
Originally posted by Dhall:
What's instore for 2012? Any Predictions?

Just got back from a wonderful vacation. India is an amazing country and the Taj is really something to see.

Anyway with regards to predictions; I do not do those. I do, however, make forecasts.

With regards to the US economy, expect more of the same this year as last. Expect the purchasing power of the average Joe to continue to decline, expect more out sourcing of jobs away from North America. Expect the occupy protests to be even bigger this year.

Until such time that North Americans and even more so Europeans come to the realization that things have permanently changed and we can no longer live like we did for the past 50 years, then and only then, will we be able to reset our minds, pick up the pieces and move on

With regards to the stock market, expect a bit on an increase this year. Most of the year will be range bound again. Short term; meaning the next month or two, I believe we will either see a nice run or a violent pull back at some point. Cover yourself for both instances by having some long and short positions. The good thing is the market will swing one way or the other violently, and that way traders make money, but it is very hard to make money when it is basically flat lining.

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