Major US airline adds Guyana to its routes

Bai me pickney dem seh always use BWIA. Me always bin use BEWE. Me go see this lil plane from AA. When me travel out Guyana me always gat wan flowah bag wid me buckta and some clothes. Me doan check in. Me na trust anyone a dem sk&^%$onts in that place includin de political leaders. Yuh never know who go plant tings pon yuh. Yuh remember de tape? Suh if yuh see wan coolie man with wan flour bag say hello Mr Labbuh. 

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‘More choices’ for Guyanese with the introduction of American Airlines – Ambassador Holloway

March 29, 2018


United States Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway said persons travelling to Guyana now have more choices with the introduction of American Airlines to the Guyana route.

Ambassador Holloway was speaking on the morning radio show ‘Jumpstart’ which is broadcasted on HJ Radio 94.1FM. He noted that the addition of American Airlines to Guyana’s skies is also a boost for tourism.

“It should help trade and tourism there are more options to get here. Guyana is one of the countries that is hardest to get to, in the region. The more options you have the better.”

This is also good for investment in the country, the U.S Ambassador added. “I know a lot of US investors to come here they have a number of concerns but the ease of getting in and out of Guyana and the time it takes is one of their major concerns so this should only be a good thing…The good news is Guyana is going to have at least a tripling in GDP [Gross Domestic Product] in let’s say five years, seven years and there will be money to do infrastructure,” said Ambassador Holloway.

American Airlines announced recently that it will be servicing Guyana in December as part of its efforts to expand its presence in the region. Tickets go on sale from April 2 for the inaugural flight on December 20.

American Airlines offer an average of nearly 6,700 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries.

This looks like fake news...just check American Airlines website does not recognize Guyana as a destination...

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