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Magnum ‘Mash Cup’ Classic …Four explosive quarter-finals on this evening

Feb 14, 2018 Sports, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...als-on-this-evening/

-‘Gold is Money’ vs. Leopold St clash a must see

Former national player Trayon Bobb’s four-goal onslaught proved sufficient to lead West Side’s Showstoppers into the last eight of the inaugural Magnum ‘Mash Cup’ Classic following the completion of Round of 16 action on Monday night, at the National Gymnasium.
Playing before a fair-sized crowd, Bobb’s heroic performance which was registered in the 4th, 7th, 16th and 22nd minutes along with a solitary strike from Stephon Jupiter in the 23rd accounted for the scalp of Georgetown’s Back Circle who succumbed to a 3-5 defeat to exit the competition.
However, West Front Road ‘Gold is Money’, Sparta Boss, Bent Street, Ol Skool Ballers and Leopold Street remain in contention, while Linden’s Swag Entertainment and Silver Bullets join the abovementioned teams for tonight’s fixtures.
They face each other thereby guaranteeing that a team from the Mining Town makes it to the semis.
Silver Bullets win over the young promising Future Stars unit was one of the exciting games of the night, while Ol Skool Ballers narrow 2-1 victory over the highly touted NK Ballers out of the Linden community was another impressive matchup.
The two teams that are tipped to go all the way ‘Gold is Money’ and Sparta Boss both survived tough encounters against North East La Penitence and Ansa McAl All Stars respectively, but will need to reproduce those steely performances to progress to the next stage.
Sparta Boss is matched against Ol Skool Ballers, a team that have beaten them in the past so utmost on their minds will be revenge, while the latter will no doubt be looking to sustain their dominance.
The ‘Gold is Money’ versus Leopold Street clash judging from the latter’s current form could be the game of the night.
The return of inspiration leader Hubert Pedro to the ‘Gold is Money’ lineup makes them even more formidable than in the two previous tournaments, while Okanie Fraser and Omallo Williams are displaying irrepressible form and could prove difficult to keep off the score sheet.
What more could be said about Bent Street with the skilful duo of Job Caesar and Andrew Murray Jnr. in their lineup.
They face Showstoppers and this showdown is certain to ignite the anticipated fireworks that follow their opening engagement.
It promises to be a full night of pulsating action and a must see for futsal fans.
The winning team will receive $400,000 + Trophy, runner-up $200,000 + Trophy, third place $100,000 + Trophy and fourth place $50,000.
The sponsors on board are: Ansa McAl under its Magnum Tonic Wine brand, STP Investment, Oasis Water, Trophy Stall, Oasis Café and National Sports Commission.

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Quarterfinal Matchups
1-Showstoppers vs Bent Street
2-Silver Bullets vs Swag Entertainment
3-Gold is Money vs Leopold Street
4-Sparta Boss vs Ol Skool Ballers

Round of 16 Results

Showstoppers-5 vs Back Circle-3
Showstoppers Scorers
Trayon Bobb-4th, 7th, 16th and 22nd
Stephon Jupiter-23rd
Back Circle Scorers
Jermaine Beckles-11th and 18th
Stephon McLean-24th

Alexander Village-3 vs Swag Entertainment-5
Swag Scorers
Colwyn Drakes-11th, 13th and 14th
Deshawn Joseph-9th
Romel Matthews-12th
Alexander Scorers
Leon Yaw-4th and 20th
Alimad Stephens-15th

Future Stars-1 vs Silver Bullets-2
Silver Scorers
Jermaine Samuels-8th
Deshawn Freeman-19th
Future Scorer
Jamal Cozier-10th

NK Ballers-1 vs Ol Skool Ballers-2
NK Scorers
Lennox Cort-15th
Quason McAulay-20th
Ok Skool Scorer
Kenard Simon-22nd

Bent Street-4 vs Team Extreme-0
Job Caesar-9th
Sheldon Profit-17th
Andrew Murray Jr-20th
Travis Lyken-23rd

Albouystown-B-2 vs Leopold Street-5
Leopold Scorers
Omallo Williams-2nd and 17th
Okanie Fraser-22nd and 24th
Tyrese Forde-4th
Albouystown-B Scorers
Andrew Webber-1st
Carl Tudor-9th

Sparta-3 vs Ansa McAl All-Stars-1
Sparta Scorers
Eusi Phillips-2nd and 15th
Quincy Adams-22nd
All-Stars Scorers
Delroy Dean-3rd

Gold is Money-3 vs North East La Penitence-2
Gold is Money Scorers
Colin Nelson-28th and 29th
Jamal Pedro-2nd
North East Scorer
Keifer Brandt-17th and 23nd

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