Lowenfield, who is known to suffer from hypertension, had been advised by Doctors recently to slow down the pace of his work and get more rest.

But with possible early elections this year and several meetings of the Elections Commission, he has been hosting several meetings with his secretariat and also meeting with the Commission on a regular basis.


Well Mr. Lowenfield ,is in a category of many people who suffers from hypertension, which not taken care of properly, can cause serious health problems. He should retire, seems he may be of age, make room for younger folks.

Django posted:
Ray posted:

Django, you should send in your resume...strike while the fire hot

I am semi retire, don't need another gob, on the other hand there should be any stress to document around  500,000 + voters.

I agree. The stress comes because of the crookedness. Look how Cohen destroyed his life following Trump's crookedness. Do the right thing and you will be fine. Back to GECOM, given that there are only about 500 thousand voters, GECOM if working properly everyday should always have an updated and accurate voters list. Instead, they sit on their asses and wait until elections day to moan and groan that the list is outdated. Bunch of lazy people.

yuji22 posted:

Yes, I am a strong proponent of freedom of speech but there are rules and mods to deal with at a forum. I had to make adjustments and it worked. Just have fun Skelly. 

I have been suspended 3 times and the admin was never able to explain why I was suspended. No warning or anything. As I said, I did not miss being on this BB.

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