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1800 cannabis plants, 30lbs dried ganja destroyed in Linden

As the Guyana Police Force (GPF) continues its drug eradication exercise throughout the country, ranks stationed in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice) on Tuesday last destroyed more than two acres of ganja at 10 Miles Bosai Road, Linden.
Based on reports received, the more-than-five-hour operation resulted in the destruction of more than two acres of cannabis cultivation with close to 1800 plants measuring a foot to four feet in height.
Additionally, the ranks found 30 pounds of processed cannabis. As such, a grid location of the area was made and efforts are currently being made to trace the ownership of the land with a view of instituting criminal charges.

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skeldon_man posted:
Sheik101 posted:
Weed is being grown all over Guyana, not just Linden. Just unfortunate that those people got busted in that neck of the woods. Govt. should legalize this shit and save everybody the aggravation. Its just a damn tree for christ's sake.

Then the police would become beggars and more would join the criminals.

Utter nonsense!

Prince posted:
Sean posted:

We all knew that Linden is a PNC hub for peddling drugs for their campaign. This is valid proof. A whole submarine allegedly built in Guyana and exported with drugs while the PNC is squatting in office is also very interesting. We know that election is around the corner ! 

NO, I didn't know that. 

Now yuh larn thumthin' Princess.

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