Lolo Feel gun find out wha wickedness does cause

Aug 29, 2017 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...ckedness-does-cause/

Some people never lef Guyana, but everybody will lef and dem don’t have a choice. De trip gun be free and de people don’t have to worry about booking a seat. Everybody will have one because de reservation is confirmed.

No ganging up at any airport because de flight will always be on time. Luggage will be de good deeds people do and humanity will be de passport. Love will be de visa and everybody will travel business class.

But some people will be in pain when dem about to board de flight because dem have bad mind. Dem boys know plenty who don’t have no good deeds. One of dem chalking up bad deeds all de time, suh he gun have problems boarding de flight. Nobody will turn him away but he got to punish.

Lolo Feel is one of dem who chalking up bad deeds because he mind bad. Imagine he trying to spite de Waterfalls paper because dem boys talk bout de bad things he and he kavakamites do. He so spiteful that he think he can shut down de Waterfalls paper. He trying wha Jagdeo try. He trying to withhold ads.

This is de man who sit down and watch how GECOM buy some bogus radio fuh millions of dollars. He didn’t stop there. He spend pun batteries and de money coulda buy a whole generator. Then he start to open a dentistry. He buy pliers but de money he spend coulda buy pliers, Novocain—that is de thing some people does call cocaine fuh you mouth—and couple hundred dentist chair.

But dem boys seh that ee wickedness can never hurt de Waterfalls paper. Dem boys can teach him about wickedness. Dem boys know how wicked dem can be in GECOM. Imagine dem send Vishnu pun leave and when he come back he couldn’t get into he office. Dem change de locks.

Well Lolo Feel mightn’t only get lockout. He might get lockup. Karma is a bitch and dem boys believe in karma. Wha go round does come round.

Talk half and wait fuh you karma.

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