Local gov’t elections Nov 12th – Bulkan

July 19,2018


Local Government Elections (LGE) are to be held on November 12th.

This was announced this morning by Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan at the ongoing National Toshaos Conference at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre.

It would be the first time in nearly five decades that local government elections have been held at two-year intervals.

The last LGE was held in 2016 and had been a fervent promise of the APNU+AFC government which took office in 2015. Prior to that, LGE were last held in 1994.

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Gilbakka posted:

Two-year intervals. So, after this November LGE there should be another one in 2020 when general and regional elections are also due. Can GECOM manage two sets of elections in 2020? Old Patterson looks like Houdini.

More power to the people,NDC's Elected Officials have to learn how to manage.

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