I know it is disappointing to get the message "This video is no longer available" while trying to play a Youtube video.

Youtube deletes videos which are linked to copyright issues, adult content and offensive content. But there is a way to watch deleted videos with the help of site, Delutube.

It is possible to watch deleted Youtube videos with Delutube as long as Youtube maintains a copy of the video on their cache servers. To view the deleted video, just supply the Youtube video id and Delutube will fetch and play it.
How to find Youtube video id?

A set of characters which we see after http://youtube.com/watch?v=in the Youtube URL is the video id. For example lSHCxNmOwfY is the id of youtube video URL http: //youtube.com/watch v=lSHCxNmOwfY.

Delutube may not be able to play videos that have been permanently deleted from the Youtube servers.

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