Little Biaboo is a picturesque village in Mahaica on the boundaries of Regions 4 and 5, separated by the Mahaica Creek. The farming community sits between Handsome Tree and Big Biaboo and is a haven for its 100 plus residents.

On arriving at the car park in Mahaica, I boarded a taxi to Little Biaboo. Though the village is located in Mahaica, the only access to the community is a road leading from De Hoop village in Mahaicony. However, if travelling by boat, one can access the village without having to leave the sub-region. The taxi fare from the car park to Little Biaboo is $1,500 for the almost half-an-hour drive.

I got out at the very end of the village, stepping onto the rutted road and walking towards the bridge that separates Little Biaboo from Big Biaboo. The view was breathtaking. The village seemed like a water world; black water was everywhere, in the creek, ponds, canals, drains and in the flooded rice fields. High above birds chirped and down below in the water and out, frogs….