Listen up you grandparents who don't like babysit

I love to spend time with my 4 grands.....they come for sleepovers all the time.  They have definitely made me more active....playing games- cricket, baseball, soccer, badmington is their favourite, going to the park. Like most of their generation...they are whizzes with 10-yr old helps me to find apps all the time I am also learning from them.

I enjoy cooking their fav meals and what them enjoy it.....dhall/rice/chicken curry!!!

But I am also glad that I do not 'babysit' them full-time.....then it becomes too much of a responsibility and I bin dere and done dat!!

now is my time to enjoy them....spoil them and send them back to mom and dad!!

RiffRaff posted:
Cher Bear posted:

Where do you come up with these things? Hell no, let me mama enjoy her life now..they took care of us then some of the grands,,its time we return the favour!

you plan on making some for your mama to spoil

Nope! I am way too busy enjoying my grand niece and grand nephew ����

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