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Sanjay Dutt (Sanju Bhai’s) first film Rockey was released when I was 14 years old and living back then in Guyana. Bollywood movies were seen by a huge Indo population whose origin link back to India almost 180 years ago. The younger generation did not speak a word of Hindi but still flocked the theatres to watch Hindi Movies with English subtitles.

Sanju burst into the scene as young and rebellious actor and who’s parents were Sunil Dutt and Nargis. Few in Guyana knew that Nargis was Muslim. Their love for each other resulted in a marriage and the birth of Sanju. Guyanese do not see any differences between Hindus and Muslims nor are their any tensions as those that exists in India to this day. My best friends are Muslims and my Dad’s best friend is a Muslim whom I lovingly call Cha Cha.

Why am I writing this blog ?

Well, it relates to Sanju and his mistreatment by the Indian legal and political system. India still has serious tensions between Hindus and Muslims and it is always ignited by dirty politicians who have not learnt from mistakes in the past. It is interesting to note that Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan are both of Muslim backgrounds. They had to fight their way through what appears to be a messed up and sometimes corrupt legal system.

Why am I angry ?

Case in point, it appears that Sunil Dutt’s kindness and sympathy shown towards the Muslim during the riot that lead to over 1,000 dead. Most of the dead being Muslims and it appears that Hindu fundamentalists led a campaign to bring him and Sanju down. There was also a blast at the Bombay stock exchange which was later pinned to Sanjay Dutt and his eventual arrest and jail.

Was Sanjay Dutt Involved ?

No. Not one bit but a scapegoat had to be found and they found their target. A Bollywood movie star who’s mother was Muslim and I guess the politicians had to find a scapegoat to appease Hindu fundamentalist groups. The media went nuts. Blatantly false headlines and bogus stories were hatched and published with unnamed sources. These headlines always had a question mark but people bought into the poison that was sold by the media.

Sunil Dutt had to battle to save his son who was always innocent. In fact, when Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to five years, the judge made it abundantly clear that he was not being charged for terrorism but he was sentenced for possessing an unlincenced firearm. Yet, the headlines painted a picture that Sanju was being jailed for connection to the blast.

What’s the story about the Gun ?

You see, the Dutt family received death threats because they showed sympathy to mainly Muslims who were targeted. That was no sin, after all, why did those Hindu fundamentalists destroy the Barbi Masjid ? That was wrong and why would Muslims not express anger if someone destroyed their Masjid ? I would feel the same if anyone destroed my temple of worship.

Sanjy received a gun from two friends. This gun was later linked to a stolen police or military facility. Poor Sanju, he did not know that he was acquiring a gun that was stolen. India can become very tense during riots and Sanju was just trying to protect his family.

In the end, Sanju was released but the stigma and misinformation still remains. If anyone tells you that Sanju is linked to Bombay blast, tell them to stop the nonsense and lies. Leave Sanju alone, he endured a great amount of injustices in life.

The Indian legal system and the media has to own up to their wrongs and an apology to Sanju is overdue.





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