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Led Zeppelin to Return to Stage
Dec. 10, 2007, 9:10 AM EST
LONDON (AP) -- Led Zeppelin fans from around the world descended Monday on London to see the legendary rock 'n' roll band perform a full set for the first time in nearly three decades.

Led by its three surviving members "” singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist-keyboardist John Paul Jones "” Led Zeppelin will be joined by the late John Bonham's son Jason on drums for the benefit show Monday at the O2 Arena.

Led Zeppelin has not played a full set since 1980, the year John Bonham died after choking on his own vomit. Robbed of "Bonzo's" pulsing drums, the band decided it couldn't go on and split up on Dec. 4, 1980.

Now, with an estimated 20 million fans vying for tickets pared down to a lucky 18,000 or so "” including one who paid more than $168,000 for his pair "” most of the rest are hoping for more tour dates.

But Plant "” with his screeching, often unintelligible lyrics leading the way during the band's 12 years and eight studio albums "” may be toughest of the three to be convinced that it's a good idea to go on tour.

Exclusive: MSN interviews Page, Jones on reunion

"The whole idea of being on a cavalcade of merciless repetition is not what it's all about," the 59-year-old Page told The Sunday Times.

That certainly won't be music to the ears of millions of fans who are hoping hear "Stairway to Heaven," "Whole Lotta Love" and "Kashmir" in concert again.

Plant, who recently released a successful album with bluegrass star Alison Krauss, did give an indication that this may not be the last of Led Zeppelin, however.

"It wouldn't be such a bad idea to play together from time to time," Plant added.

Monday's concert won't be the first Led Zeppelin reunion, but it will be the biggest.

The band played together in 1985 at Live Aid, and joined forces again three years later "” with Jason Bonham on drums "” to play at the 40th anniversary concert for Atlantic Records.

At their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 1995, they teamed up with other musicians for another short set.

Priced at $250, tickets have been selling on the Internet for upwards of $2,000.

Kenneth Donnell, 25, said he paid $168,500 for his tickets from British Broadcasting Corp. radio's "Things That Money Can't Buy" charity auction last month.

"I was gutted that I was not born in the 1960s and able to see Led Zeppelin in the 1970s like my dad," Donnell told The Sunday Times.

Monday's show is dedicated to Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, who died last year. Proceeds from the show are to go to the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund, which provides scholarships to universities in the United States, Britain and Turkey.

The show was originally scheduled for Nov. 26, but was postponed until Monday because Page injured the little finger on his left hand.

Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman and one-time Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers are also scheduled to perform.

Exclusive: MSN interviews Page, Jones on reunion>1=7702
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Wow..Robert Plant..and yes I was one of those ppl trying to win a few tickets...thru the Radio station..damn...Mickey Jagger boy looking good with a nice young thing on his hands... his ex and kids look great too... Poor Sir Paul.. at least a great night out..Presleys wow..and double wow for mom...she still looking good...Sunil any link to the music?
A world tour may be in the works for Led Zep. I saw a few Youtube videos from the concert posted on a blog this morning but they have all been deleted by Youtube.

12th December 2007 By GARY NICKS, KIM DAWSON and JAMES CABOOTER Your Shout
ROCK gods Led Zeppelin are set to rake in a cool £1billion from their spectacular world tour next spring.

And they are eyeing up New York's legendary Madison Square Garden to kick it off in May.

We revealed yesterday how the band were planning a tour following their triumphant comeback gig in London on Monday night.

And it could snowball into one of the biggest money-spinners ever, with ticket sales and merchandising adding up to £1bn.

Last night insiders confirmed that the Stairway To Heaven hitmakers will take to the road again for a tour that will span Europe, America and the Far East.

There is also feverish speculation over the UK dates. Our spies say the band would love to return to Knebworth, where they performed in front of 250,000 people in 1979.

They are also tipped to headline at Glastonbury next June, as well as playing a run of gigs at the new 90,000-seater Wembley Stadium and returning to London's O2 Arena.

A major record company source told the Daily Star last night: "The O2 was buzzing with talk among industry people about there being more Zep dates. They were initially looking at doing a tour in March, but now it'll most likely be May.

"The band were waiting to see how they felt after the gig as to whether they had the energy to do a string of regular arena dates or more one-off shows.

"All ticket sellers have been told a tour will take place, it's just that there's a little bit more ironing out of contracts to be done."

Singer Robert Plant, 59, guitarist Jimmy Page, 63, and bassist John Paul Jones, 61, were joined for Monday's gig in London by late drummer John Bonham's son Jason, 41.

Friends say they were thrilled by the overwhelming response and are now ready to give fans what they want – a full world tour.

And it could well be the biggest-grossing tour ever. The record is currently held by

The Rolling Stones, who earned £250m for their Bigger Band tour.

But as more than 20m people tried to buy tickets for Monday's gig – Zeppelin's first in 27 years – that record could well go.

Even singer Plant has been stunned by the demand for the comeback gig, saying: "I can't believe people would come from 50 countries for that."

Plenty of celebs were there, too, including Mick Jagger, 64, Bill Wyman, 71, Sir Paul McCartney, 65, and Oasis brothers Liam, 35, and Noel Gallagher, 40.

But it was not a happy night for model Naomi Campbell, 37. She had her mobile phone nicked.

How to get your ticket

FANS are being urged to avoid dodgy websites that are already claiming to have tickets for Led Zeppelin's world tour.

Within hours of the Daily Star breaking the news about the tour yesterday, dozens of sharks set up bogus websites claiming to offer the highly sought-after tickets.

But band sources point out that no dates have yet been officially announced and tickets are not yet on sale.

When they do go on offer, fans are urged to buy tickets only from reputable firms such as Ticketmaster and See Tickets.

An industry insider warned: "Don't get pulled in by the online touts claiming to have tickets already – they don't."

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