Are to betting on the PPP to win the next election and why? I believe I can talk to you without the spin. 

PS: you have been there and know many inside details. DG has a one track mind and I can't rely on him to be neutral. Everything for him has to be done by the book and that's NOT how things run in Guyana. Let's loosen up a little. 

Original Post

Nehru Bhai, leff he rass, every time he makes a comment on a thread that I started, I will put him in his place.

He rass getting anxious now that Granger is forced to call elections and the PPP is guaranteed a majority. The latest poll reveals that a Majority of Guyanese want election as soon as possible to avoid a constitutional crisis.

Anyway Prince, I apologize for responding to your question directed at Labba.

I knew even back in 2014/2015 that there would be no elections in 2019, 2020 or ever again if the despotic PNC were ever given the keys to the government. The PNC already had a rotten reputation preceding them. All the shenanigans we have been witnessing the past two months are not new. They were there before during the first iteration of the PNC.

Labba posted:

Hey hey hey...Princie woh is de queshton yuh asking? Labba busy selling cane juice and edda egg ball here. Will bum wan squeeze from meh neighba internet and indulge yuh. Hey hey hey...

Labba, remember to jump in and let finish this discourse. I do not repeat myself. 

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