Jumbo Jet Thoroughbred Racing Committee holds successful meeting

Jumbo Jet Thoroughbred Racing Committee holds successful meeting

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Jumbo Jet Thoroughbred Racing Committee held a meeting for the last quarter of 2017 at Committee’s office at #22 Bel Air Village, West Coast Berbice last weekend.
Following a call to order by Chairperson, Dr. Dwight Waldron, remarks were given by Dr. Steven Cheefoon who alluded to the importance of rules when racing and recognizing the importance of having meetings.
Remarks were given by Mr. Dennis DeRoop who congratulated Mr. Nasurdeen Mohamed for his efforts towards a more organizing racing in Guyana. He also made reference to the fact that this committee would pave the way towards demonstrating to Government that horse racing can be organized. Mr. Dennis Deroop in closing commented on the importance of Jockey and Trainers Licenses and this was endorsed by Dr. Waldron stating that these licenses are already being issued.
Dr. Waldron addressed Traceability (Micro chipping) and its importance in having a more competitive racing society. He said that horses will be able to travel overseas and race once a proper system is in place, also it would decrease the number of race day conflict on horses’ classification.
He mentioned different ways of Tracing horses (Cold Branding, Tattooing, and Micro Chipping) making specific reference to Micro Chipping as the way forward in the Guyanese racing.
It was discussed that All Guyana Bred Horse Must be Micro Chipped by the 30-12-2017 and that negotiations are available if full payment cannot be made; part time payment agreement can be arranged.
One benefit of this exercise would allow Tracking Genetics on the Corentyne be made possible.
In relation to the Status on Micro chipping currently: 14 Two Year olds have been Chipped and eligible to race, 12 Yearlings have been chipped and eligible for 2018, however the rest have until 30-12-2017 to be chipped.
Six 6 Weanlings are Chipped and eligible for 2019 Start, while the remainder have until 30-12-2017. If a horse is chipped after the stipulated date it will have to start in their respective classes and not the two or three year old event. Any Registered vet can microchip a horse, however the chip has to be ISO certified (18 digits code). Horses could be dropped to L Class only if they are Micro Chipped.
Dr. Waldron made remarks on the way forward for 2018 calling it ‘year of the horse’ while giving information of their plans.
Training for Grooms, Full Traceability for Horses, Stud Owners Incentives (starting with two year olds of 2018) This would apply to owners who submit their returns to the JJTRC, Mares and Stallions Returns at the end of the breeding season to be submitted, Name Change without prior notification Penalty for owners, Demotion of Overseas Horses, Weight allocation/deduction for locally bred horses and Handicapping winners.
Ratification on Classification was done where it was suggested that all K and L class horses be demoted if they have 3 consecutive losses at 2 different meeting.
Record Keeping Software was discussed by Dr. Cheefoon who mentioned that the committee will be sending one person to Trinidad and Tobago for training on said software for better accountability and forecasting.
Mr. Mohamed made reference of the committee’s plans to bring affordable horses to Guyana for vending purposes. He stated that the first shipment is expected around December 20th, 2017.
The Committee will be starting a live programme from today and will be held every Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00pm on NTN channel 26 &77 in Berbice and 69 in Georgetown. This is to educate the public on the sport of Kings and the improvements for 2018.

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