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@Ramakant-P posted:

Did Kamala Harris call him a racist?

NO. During the primary debates, she did point out of a decision he made to oppose busing (integrating schools by assigning and transporting students to schools within or outside their local school districts in an effort to reduce racial segregation).

Either way great pick. So excited to vote in a few months!

she said Biden's decision on desegregation affected her as a child. That is carrying around some baggage to repeat after being so smart, bright and comes from intelligent parents. A person of color always has something against white ppl. Imagine if they actually get power how they will mess up a good thing. Coloreds more prejudiced than whites, anyday. Perhaps, they be like Obama, talk the talk but doan walk the walk, once elected.

@seignet posted:

White America has had enough. Dey teking back their political system. We know they prefer white candidates. 

Pence will make Kamala look stupid.

Donald Trump already called Kamala 'Dirty". and Joe Biden, 'stupid for choosing a woman who labelled him, 'Racist'.

Let the games begin.