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President Ali has set the conditions and embark on a progressive policy to create 50,000 jobs in 5 years.  As there is now an atmosphere of trust, Businesses will also create jobs probably over 100,000 new ones.

That means there would be a shortage of manpower to fill those jobs.

It is time the Government embarks on a system to bring Guyanese back home ASAP.

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@seignet posted:

Rama, the requisite for job creation is NOT presently available in Guyana.

First, Guyanese needs to be retrained in the importance of being employed. Giving the employer 9 hours worth of labor for 8 hours pay.

Besides, what is available to the consumer.

Job Creation is to provide services and products. I doan know if Guyana can do dat.

That's the point you don't know.  "The importance of being employed" What the heck! Nobody speaks the English Language anymore?

@Mitwah posted:

Why are you hiding in your basement in Brampton? Send your children ASAP. Dem Boyz waiting fuh yuh.

Hiding in my basement? What are you talking about. My basement is apart of my house. Do you have a basement?  Don't mention anything about my children. I pray to god that you do not have any. You wouldn't know what to do to bring them up.