Jesus tun water into wine; de coalition want a miracle fuh 32 and 33

Jan 11, 2019 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...racle-fuh-32-and-33/

Jesus tun water into wine. That was one miracle. Then he feed 5,000 people wid five kakabelly fish. Soulja Bai is a church man and he know bout dem miracles but dem boys seh is time he tell ee members that no miracle dem perform can mek 32 bigger than 33.

After all, dem don’t even know if Jesus coulda perform that miracle.

Since there is no miracle that can change dem numbers he should call election and see if de coalition can pull off a miracle.

De division inside de coalition might cause some problem. Some of dem want to postpone de election thinking that anodda miracle gun happen.

But de people prefer fuh Soulja Bai call elections and knock out some of dem who cause embarrassment to him and de coalition. If he don’t shock dem out is more division in de camp.

Jagdeo already got he own division. Instead of separating de sheep from de goat, he putting de candidates against each other.

Who he ain’t put against each other he put out de party.

He got Anil and Irfaat who swear allegiance to him just like how people wid dual citizenship does swear allegiance to de farrin country.

He name three man and two woman in de race fuh de presidential candidate. None of de man is dem own man and none of dem woman is dem own woman.

Jagdeo want all of dem as he own like how some people got a puppet or how a man does have he dog pun a chain.

Everybody see how he had de chain round Donald Dumb neck, parading him all over Guyana.

Dem boys hear when Jagdeo go to State House to meet Soulja Bai he think he was going to put a leash pun Soulja Bai neck. He nearly come out in handcuffs.

Talk half and help all of dem pray fuh a miracle.

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