Jail mek fuh some political leaders

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All over de world political leaders does end up pon de wrong side of de law. Just de odda day Lula in Brazil had to sleep in a jail cell. He couldn’t even get to attend he grandson funeral.

Panama had Noriega. He still in jail. De Americans go right in he country and arrest him. Dem ship him to Uncle Sam and jail him. When dem done, dem transfer him to France wheh he still deh in jail.

Guyana had its leaders in jail. During de British invasion, dem put Janet Jagan and Papa Cheddi in jail. Now Bouterse get jail in he absence. He is de leader of Suriname. He lef de country and dem boys want to know whether he get tip off before de sentence.

But then again, it could be dat de court wait till he lef before dem pass sentence. He get twenty years. If Suriname put dem hand pon he, then he and he son gon be in jail at de same time.

Bouterse get involve in some killing during de coup in 1982 and after all these years is now de people pass sentence.

Dem boys want to know if any political leaders get tie up wid de killings during de crime wave and if there would be a trial. People was calling fuh an inquest but to dis day nobody ain’t tekking dem serious.

But it would be interesting to see which court in Guyana gon send a political leader to jail. Uncle Sam trying wid Trump but he fighting like a cobra in a basket.

Then dem boys see a cartoon in de Waterfall paper. It suggesting something but then again cartoonists does tek liberty. Dem suppose dem gon see a cartoon wid some odda leader thanking he lucky stars dat he live in Guyana.

Of course, people does seh dat jail ain’t mek fuh cat and dog. Is just dat dem boys don’t want to go to jail.

Talk half and watch how dem Guyanese politicians lucky dat dem living hay!

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