Jagdeo told 1,500 attendees at Babu John,he forecast PPP win by 50,000 votes - Strategy mapped out for 2020 polls.

alena06 posted:

Taken from the Babu John pics.  So this might be the next presidential candidate? What's the scoop?  Anyone knows?

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Great, but he needs to get up on that podium and let un-lover-

boy take the backbench or off the scene. Even the Maharanie sisters might jump on board, after all, blood is thicker than water!

And he does have a real First Lady in the waiting with two Pickneys!

seignet posted:
Labba posted:

Dis bai Jagdeo mek a good speech. He din cuss out people. He give he people wan positive message. He stand strong how he na go back down in case riggin. He need wan plan foh shut down de kuntry if dey rig. 

I would prefer the PNC to rig the elections than let Jagdeo run again and win. IF HE COULD AS HE BOASTS.

Those ppl in the PPP doan care one iota about the country Dem juss wan to be in a position to thief. And if the PPP get in again, dey will never get out. A recipe fuh killing Indians mercilessly and dat prick wont care an azz.

The solution is for Maduro to juss cross over the border and observe how he is welome and that is even better than Jagdeo as president, AGAIN.

Mr Siggy bai let abie doan tamper wid democracy. Let de system decide. See what happen when Mosadegn and Jagan and that man from chile get remove? 

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