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@Ramakant-P posted:

Jagdeo never deceived anyone. He was the Elected President from 2001 to 2011 when he completed over 3500 projects.  He turned Guyana into a Paradise and the PNC destroyed that ideal place that you called home.

You said that you find Jagdeo attractive.  But you are a liar when you come to his accomplishment. Guyana was a paradise for the Narco dealers under him and his surrogoats.

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@kp posted:

Rama, why are you taking shit from these jerk,  show some class and walk off. If you are not there who would they have to insult. Just IGNORE them Rass,it's  a lovely day outside, you can do better.

Don't you see their AIM is to chase posters off the site; can't you take a hint.

Why are you encouraging posters to leave? Rama is not thin skinned like you.

@Mars posted:

He coulda fool me. Look who doing the talking and who sitting in the biggest chair.

I have tried to avoid Guyana politics for some months now. I am physically and emotionally spent with what I see unfolding in my beloved Guyana. I had to interject to say this picture sums up everything we need to know, but I and others cannot help win a battle that people do not wish to fight. Nor can we help win a battle with a party that continues to refuse to listen to its supporters on the type of leadership we wish to see at the helm.

Guyana got what it wanted and there is no one to blame but Guyanese.

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