Jagdeo hiding from de polygraph.

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Gilly's boyhood neighbour in Casbah and Sunday School buddy at the Pilgrim Holiness Church. A totally incorruptible and disciplined guy who distinguished himself in the GDF.

What exactly was there to distinguish in the GDF? A bunch of lazy bums mooching off the tax payers money. These useless bastards were used as a political tool by the PNC to secure power and oppress the people.  The bums get free food and trips overseas. How many wars did they fight?

There is an old saying, "Nobody loves a soldier until the enemy is at the gate". Unless there is a war soldiers are useless? You can't wait until you're ready to shit to build a toilet. They should have been used differently. The PNC did use them as a political tool. They should have been used to supplement the police force and in drug interdiction and enforcement. This would have helped them to hone their skills. By the way, did you get a chance to peruse that article I posted about when they expelled the Surinamese from the New River Triangle? I know it was a different time and they morphed into Burnham's Private army but it still gives me pride. It was titled, "The Guns of August".

Tell us who the jackasses in the GDF can defeat, they ran from Suriname during PPP time and even ran from Jim Jones gunmen. These GDF leeches are useless. Their only recent use was in supporting criminals in Buxton during PPP time. They used to provide security for the Freedom Fighters.

Apparently you have trouble reading and processing words. Read the Yellow Highlighted Part. It's a few less words.

Dem boys willing to tek any polygraph test, Politicians willing?

Apr 21, 2017 Source

Yesterday dem boys talk how security cameras these days humbugging people from thiefing. Dem boys call Jagdeo name. Dem seh when he was a li’l boy he mudda use to send him to a store wid a dollar and he use to go back wid $25 ration.
De PPP women organization tek offence and send a letter saying that Uncle Adam and ee boss man claim how Jagdeo mudda teach him to thief. Nowhere in de article dem boys seh Jagdeo mudda teach him fuh thief. But like dem women know something deeper than wha dem boys know. Dem seh how Jagdeo mudda dead among other things.
Dem also seh dem hope when Uncle Adam and ee boss man dead dem don’t vex when people talk dem name.
Dem boys find that very funny. In fact, dem boys got a message fuh dem. We don’t care if dem talk we name now, when we get old or when we get cock eye and dead.
People got a right to talk or express how dem feel about a scamp. Dem boys want dem ladies to know that is he go and pick up de goods from de grocery store and tell ee mudda how de shop owner give him. No way that could be interpret to mean she taught him how to thief. De only thing dem boy vex about is that she mek such a horrible creature.
Dem ladies should also know that is de habit wha Jagdeo got mek he run from he own polygraph machine. Is he bring de machine and seh govt officials exempt. He bring it in to ketch people who was thiefing wha he seh belong to he, he friends and he family. Now he is not a govt official and dem boys know he thief a lot but he continues to talk like a saint. That is why dem want him to tek a polygraph test.
Dem boys want dem same ladies to know that if Jagdeo tek a polygraph test dem would shut down de Waterfalls paper.
Dem boys want dem same ladies to know that dem don’t talk two mouth. Dem giving de same challenge to de new govt. Dem boys remember when all of dem was in de opposition dem was demanding that de govt officials should be de first to face de polygraph machine.
Today de shoes deh pun dem foot. Joe ShanLin now singing Jagdeo tune.
Talk half and wait for another letter from de Pee Pee Pee girls.

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