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It’s frustrating at Enmore

Dear Editor,

I am inviting members of the media and the relevant authorities to visit the Enmore area in general, especially Hope, West Logwood and Blossom Scheme, where their hasn’t been any drain cleaning for the pass year. The drains are filled with over grown grass. If one wants the drains to clean one would have to clean it himself or pray that someone else does it. Then why pay rates and taxes? Most of the time an old pensioner is seen with a rake, wiggling to clean the drains.

In July a meeting was held at the Policing Group Headquarters and several persons made complaints to Mr. Donald Ramotar about the drains, he promised to look into this but that has been some time and nothing has been done. The Blossom Nursery School road has trenches, not potholes, and when it rains only about five or six children are seen in classrooms. Because of the holes and water the parents and guardians are disgusted and just keep the child away.

I don’t know how the teachers are enjoying the season but I guess it’s because they have less work to do. Thank you!

Sunita Singh,
A parent

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