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It can’t get worse at GuySuCo


Reference is made to “GuySuCo must be depoliticized to become a successful business entity” (Feb 19), among other letters. I can’t help but notice various related commentaries on the state of affairs of Ministry of Agriculture and defensive responses thus far from agents. I note also responses of defenders of the Minister, including one from a political grasshopper who was an Upper Corentyne PPP activist who became an AFC activist who is back as a PPP defender. People will do anything for a job!
The responses ring hollow. This leaves one to conclude that the Minister is trespassing on the Ministry. Such behaviour and acts of incompetence must be brought to an abrupt end.
Also, it appears that the Minister and the CEO of GuySuCo are at loggerheads. Incompetence and arrogance are rampant, worse than what occurred during the last stint of the PPP. Competence is thrown out the window once again. It can’t get worse at GuySuCo; we have reached the bottom. Not much good can come out of appointments.
Square pegs in round holes are back with a vengeance. A financial analyst or CPA is not an economist or an agro scientist. And a CPA without experience is of no use to a science, engineering based company like Guysuco. You need someone with the skill set and good human relations behaviour, not someone who is arrogant.

Yours truly,
Sharmila J Ally

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Didn't I say that EVERYTIME. The PPP is not serious about re-opening the estates. They want to be on record as they tried, and only tried. I think they want the CEO to fail and then sell off the lands to friends. The appointed CEO do not have the necessary experience and the Chairman of the Board also has no expereience. There are so many educated Guyanese with sugar experience and yet the PPP could not find one in that group. Maybe, they ask for diaspora assistance but do not read the responses to their quest.

With every development in the past and the ones to come, there is only one person who decides. And that person must be opiniated. Imagine, thinking he knows it all.

What experience does Ali have, not even the one where he knows how to selected the right person for a job. As a matter of fact the whole of the PPP also the PNC. The country gat money and soon to be squandered, all of it.

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