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Old Age Pensioners Not Getting their

GPL Subsidy Free

May 9, 2014 | By | Filed Under Letters

Dear Editor, Over the past years we heard of increases and benefits for the old age pensioners in Guyana, which is good.  But I will like to share a few concerns and problems that are facing these old age pensioners, as parliamentarians give with their blessings and government takes it back on the other side or we can say β€œgovernment give with right hand and take back with left hand”. In 2014 old age pensioners will be receiving a small bit more in their pensions and also ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) more to their GPL bills taking it to thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00) per year as a benefit. They are also eligible for free water from GWI on a yearly basis. This government knows how to take back that money from the old people.  They are treating them like the 2014 national budget, bundling things (items) together for their benefits.  It is clear that this government does not care for the old age pensioners but rather taking shame off its face by giving old age pensioners something that will see them hardly getting the benefit. The subsidies that are being given to the old age pensioners isn’t free because they have to go through a lot of things to have that benefit, sometimes they spend more of what they get as to the subsidy.  Take for example GPL; the pensioner is living with one of her\his children and the meter is in the name of the child, what will happen there? Will the pensioner still be given the benefits that he\she deserves and was given to them by the people of this country? No. Recently, several complains were lodged with the AFC RMC in Region 5 that GPL is now asking that the meter be changed in the  pensioner’s name, but there is lots of cost attached to this.  The pensioner will have to get proof that he\she is living there and is related to the person that the meter’s name is in, therefore an affidavit have to be done and a cost is attached. That cost is around three thousand and four thousand five hundred dollars ($3000; $4,500).  Then the pensioner will have to pay an additional three thousand five hundred dollars to GPL to change over the name of the meter to their name.  Then the official at GPL said that they will have to get a new meter (Pre Paid), therefore new wiring will have to be done and a new certificate will have to be issued and that will cost around thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) to the pensioner.  Taking the total amount to around $38,000.00 and that is leaving out the traveling cost especially if the pensioner cannot walk alone. So the pensioners are spending more than the amount given to get the actual amount that is budgeted for them in the 2014 national budget.  This is the caring PPP\C government saying β€œA Better Guyana for All Guyanese”. Let’s give the old age pensioners their allotted sum on a monthly basis and let them make the decision as to spending their money.  We cannot treat these people as small kids, they deserves to have what is theirs and not being trample upon.  What happens if a pensioner does not have electricity in his\her home? Who will get that money? So we need to give our pensioners their benefits and stop putting the people’s money into GPL and GWI as a bailout.


Abel Seetaram AFC Regional Chairman – Region 5

Again the Corrupt PPP/C needs to add this stipend to the old age pensioner book, so that all old age pensioners can received what has been allocated to them.


When they started this shitty system they (The Corrupt PPP/C) fully well knows, that about 80 percent of the Pensioners would not be getting this stipend.


Is this another way of the Corrupt PPP/C thiefing?


If a system is not working then change the frigging system, When those dunces in the PPP will do the correct thing?

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