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Local supermarket mulls importing sugar as distributors hike prices
- chicken still in short supply
By Stabroek staff Thursday, September 15, 2011

Most of the supermarkets across the city have been restocked with sugar but there are still complaints from retailers that the prices have skyrocketed and they are still not getting their full supply.

Speaking with a representative of Survival Shopping Complex, this newspaper was informed that the distributor price has since been increased from $6,800 to $8,000 and this is forcing the entity to consider importing this particular product.

The man suggested that it would cost less to have the sweetener imported compared to the high prices currently being paid to distributors. The man was unable to state the price of sugar at Survival but last week sugar was priced at $6,500 per 100lb bag.

With regard to the recent chicken shortage, the representative stated that there was never a price increase at the supermarket but there was a shortage and this short supply is still being experienced. Chicken at the supermarket is being sold at $440 per pound.

Fogarty’s Supermarket is also experiencing some difficulty as regards its chicken supply. When contacted, an employee said that although chicken is in stock, the store is still encountering a problem in acquiring the usual supply.

β€œWe are only getting in small amounts,” she said, adding that chicken is being sold at $708 per kg. Also, Fogarty’s had been out of sugar for some two weeks when this newspaper had enquired last week. It now has sugar which is being sold at $140 per 2lbs.

Meanwhile, at the Police Consumers Co-op Society, there is neither chicken nor sugar. The only sugar that was said to be available is the packaged Demerara Gold which has been on the shelves of most supermarkets throughout the period of the shortage.

Bourda Market is also still without unpackaged sugar while the price of chicken in the market varies from $360 to $420 per lb.
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