This is something I've noticed about the PPP. They have very very few card carrying members. It's harder to gain membership in the PPP than at some country clubs.


The Anscale Fish I'm sure can tell us how many Indians are permitted this rare and special privilege.

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Criteria in 2015:


1. Preferably East Indian or Amerindian;


2. You must be a blind follower and not question Rohee and his dumbism.


3. Following the principles of Democratic Centralism, you shall be given a hearing, a sham one at that internally to air views but NEVER CONDEMN, Rohee, Jagdeo, Ramotar or Jagan.


4. You have to allow the top guys to tief and you must defend them at all cost. If you fulfill these criteria - PPP membership is ABC.



Watch how the PPP Sharma Solomon the outspoken daughter of the Pandit - Dr. Vindya Persaud.

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