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Plaintain chips business helps single mother raise Doctor, Soldier, Environmental Officer

For the past five years, Verna Hercules has been trekking the community of Kwakwani on the western bank of the Berbice River where she sells plantain chips, seasonings, icicles, mithai and mangoes –a job she has grown to love.

The 50-year-old woman was placed in a precarious position five years ago, as her four children, who had all completed their Secondary education, pleaded with her for assistance to further their education.

“They were asking me permission to go and further their studies but I was saying that I cannot really make it because of the money,” the woman told the News Room recently at the Kwakwani Empowerment Centre.

Verna separated from her husband ten years prior and moved to the community of Kwakwani.

The community – home to approximately four thousand people – does not have a tertiary educational facility.

“In Kwakwani, there isn’t anything much going on. You see more pregnancy and those sort of things going on,” she noted.

As such, Verna agreed that her two daughters and two sons needed to look further afield to make something of themselves.

One morning, she decided to start selling her major commodity – plantain chips.

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Kudos to Verna Hercules, there are many who spread across the country selling these items,plantain chips, seasonings, icicles, mithai and mangoes, making a honest living.

As a side business in the homeland,my ex used to make on a large scale,plantain chips,fried channa and nuts, supplying many shops.One of my friend a purchasing personnel for Toolsie Persaud,would buy large quantities to supply the interior locations of the company.Her parents used to be in that business,they learned from a young age.Still doing it here taking orders from her works mates who like the fresh local products.

cain posted:
Nehru posted:

Hard work do not kill anyone. 

I heard dat nuff times but Iman not takin any chances...I gon jus kick back an chill.

In guyana they call that a case of jiggeritis. 

Nehru posted:

Hard work do not kill anyone. Where there is a will, thee is a way. More Guyanese need to follow in her footsteps!!!!

Some like to work smart...

I try to be smart in making my choices in life and work hard towards fulfilling my dreams.

Congratulations to Verna. I had visited Kwakwani when the canal was being constructed. It was like a small village back then where every one knows one another.


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