Injured Heywood on the mend; GRFU seeking funds to offset huge medical bill

Nov 30, 2017 Sports, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...t-huge-medical-bill/

One of Guyana’s rising stars, the multi talented 21 year-old Abiose Heywood who was injuerd and subsequently hospitalised in Mexico is on the improve according to reports out of the Guyana Rugby Football Union.

Heywood, a dimunitive and attacking player was tackled in each of the three matches Guyana played on the opening day (Saturday) of the just concluded Rugby Americas North (RAN) Sevens championships which took place in Mexico City at the Campo Marte athletic grounds, this past weekend.
It was in the first match that Guyana played against Jamaica on Saturday that Heywood was severely tackled on numerous occasions and double teamed when a burly Jamaican player lifted her off the ground and slammed her down that set the foundation for her eventual hospitalization.
The brave Heywood despite the tackles still showed heart by playing against Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic later in the day. Reports out of Mexico City indicates that Heywood, got up after being brought down, responded clearly to questions and was very active.
In the T&T match Heywood would suffer another collision but again responded clearly after being questioned by the Doctor. It was in the final game of the day for Guyana against The Dominican Republic that Heywood who also plays football for the Lady Jaguars; displayed serious signs of cranial trauma (concussion) as she was not responding clearly to questions after being hit for a third time.
Heywood was taken off in pain and subsequently taken to the hospital where she was admitted to the ICU and subsequently sedated as a neourogical protective measure according to a medical report. A CT scan was also done on Heywood on Sunday following her admission on Saturday.
Kaieteur Sport has learnt that despite insurance coverage for Heyowwd, the hospital bill for the player will take a huge toll of the Guyana Rugby Football Union which enusred that Female Team Manager, Ms. Petal Adams and Physio Ms. Abiola Blair remained behind to be with the injured Heywood. Both male and female teams returned to Guyan on Tuesday.
It is understood that RAN and World Rugby are monitoring the situation. Heywood was eventually taken off sedation on Tuesday around 18:21hrs and was responding well. Union President Peter Green stated that, “God is Great” in response to the news.
HE further commented: “The Union is facing huge financial liabilities at this time (accommodation, meals, rescheduling of tickets, cost of ICU bill not covered by Insurance have ran into over 1.6M guyana dollars/140,000 pesos to date) but we are focussed on getting our player back to normal and home as quickly as possible.
The Union will be soliciting loans and contributions from the Guyanese community to ensure this is a certainty. Another appeal for financing is being made to His Excellency President David Granger to assist us as this is of national importance.”
The Jamaican player who had initially fouled Heywood was given a red card, has been suspended and will be called before the RAN Disciplinary Board for reckless endangerment.
Giving more insight into the financial end of things, Green stated that corporate support indicated that these are trying times.
”Our costs were in the vicinity of approximately Guy $10M, we had raised $7M with the only bills outstanding prior to the Heywood accident being some 2.3M (airfare). Despite government’s support of 5M we still owe the travel agency another 2.3M (from 4.8M) due to late booking.
This incident in Mexico is going to – based on current calculations and funds remaining – cost the Union some USD$9,276 / $172,000pesos, 2M more despite her insurance. We are hoping she travels home this weekend based on the latest developments.”
The GRFU boss said that the women’s partcipation was critical to female development in Guyana and they have learnt from this experience which makes them even stronger now.
The Union he stated is complimenting the Technical staff of both male and female teams for a splendid job pointing out that the females had an excellent rapport with Coach Henry. The males he said were fortunate to have Australian based Angus Thonpson back on board (pro bono!) assisting Coach Lawrence ‘Laurie’ Adonis in indentify flaws and weakness in the opposition camp through sound Technical Analysis.

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