All factors will be considered to decide on House to House registration – GECOM Commissioner:

Government nominated Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Charles Corbin says all factors will be taken into consideration when the Commissioners meet to discuss the controversial House to House registration exercise.

The exercise is ongoing to create a new voters’ list for the next General and Regional Elections.

“Whenever the issue reaches the table, the Commissioners will look at all of the factors at that time and determine what is the best way forward,” he told reporters outside of GECOM’s head office on High Street, Georgetown on Wednesday afternoon.

Corbin along with his colleagues, Vincent Alexander, and Desmond Trotman had just met with newly appointed Chairman of GECOM, Justice (retired) Claudette Singh.

“At the moment, that matter [House to House registration] is being executed and at the time when we will be faced with making a decision, all of the factors will be taken into consideration,” Corbin told reporters.

Earlier in the day, the Chairman met with Opposition nominated Commissioners who disclosed that issues discussed surrounded the conduct of general and regional elections, the conduct of House to House registration and Claims and Objections.

The Government nominated Commissioners did not expound on what was discussed at their meeting but when probed about the registration exercise, Alexander said: “everything possible was discussed.”

“We had a cordial meeting and await our formal meeting,” he added.

Asked whether he still supports that there is a need for the registration exercise, he said: “at this time, yes.”

But when probed about a possible change in his view, Alexander noted that “my view is that there should be sanitation of the list, sanitation of the national register of registrants for the provision of a list that can provide credible elections. That is not likely to change.”

He told the media that at the time of approval, the registration process was the only method on the table to sanitize the list.

The Opposition is arguing that a Claims and Objections exercise can be used to sanitize the voter’s list which expired on April 30th. Their argument is premised on the fact that the time for holding elections is limited following the Caribbean Court of Justice’s June 18th ruling which validated the December 21, 2018, No-Confidence motion against the Government.

Currently, there is a High Court case challenging the constitutionality of the House to House registration exercise. The hearing is set for Friday before Chief Justice (ag) Roxanne George-Wiltshire.

Justice Singh on Tuesday met with Senior Managers of GECOM Secretariat where she discussed the functioning of the agency.

Justice Singh was selected for the post last Friday by President David Granger from a list of six names submitted by Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo.

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In the New Testament, Paul said that if Christ did not die, then their faith is in vain.

The NCV is a valid article of the Constitution of Guyana and it demands specific consequences. If GECOM or the governing party is able to act in ways that violates those demands, then the NCV would be as meaningless as Christian faith if Christ did not really die.

That should be the only consideration of the new chairperson when she meets jointly with all six GECOM commissioners. When we wake early, we use that time to have our breakfast and even read the newspapers before we need to be at work. If we wake late, we don't operate in the same manner causing us to get to work late which could have dire consequences. We instead employ methods which offset waking late. The Chairperson has to find the way to ensure that elections are held by September 18, 2019 as stipulated in the Constitution if she is going to be considered a successful chairperson of GECOM.

Large influx of Haitians could become part of the voter’s list illegally- Jagdeo

The forthcoming election has brought fear and uncertainty to the highest level in election history.How and when do we rely on facts before making these assumptions public? 

My point is: Are we jumping the gun or the fear of losing the election is taking a toll on everyone including Jagdeo. 

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