India men held over molestation video

Police in the eastern Indian state of Bihar have arrested four men for allegedly molesting a woman and uploading a video of the incident on social media.

The video shows seven men attacking the woman on a public road in Jahanabad district.

Indian social activists hold placards during a protest calling for justice following the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir in Kolkata on April 18, 2018.: There is growing anger in India against rape and sexual assault of women

Police told the BBC that a manhunt had been launched to arrest the three others.

They added that the case was registered after the video went viral.

The video shows the men groping and abusing the woman as she pleads with them to let her go. Onlookers can be seen filming the incident but they don't intervene to help her.

Inspector General of Police Naiyar Hasnain Khan told BBC Hindi's Manish Shandilya that it was unclear if the incident happened on Saturday or Sunday.

He added that the woman in the video was yet to be identified.


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When I lived there near my area there were two big incidents where gangs of men hounded and surrounded woman coming from clubs.  one incident involved over 30 guys.

Additionally, on the trains lots of women are abused especially if they wore jeans.  Some were arrested and one was a manager at ICICI bank with daughters the age of the girls he was molesting. 

I think Indian men are sex deprived and harass women as an outlet.

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