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A satisfied person is secured and should not follow after those who are ill informed. 

I look at the actions of Pakistan since it creation and mostly its citizens and those who have a natural affiliation towards barbarism. 

Notice, I did not denigrtae you, which is the nature of idiotic muslims. 

Touche ! Spoken like a true idiot ! It will serve you considerably better if, instead of attempting to ridicule others and their religions, of which you quite evidently know little to nothing, you pay attention to your atrocious spelling. May I suggest that a dictionary will be a fabulously worthwhile loooong-term investment for you. 

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yuji22 posted:

I guess that Keff missed this article:

Canada getting ramshakle by Saudi.  Trump may have to intervene to save pretty boy!  The King is pissed you dabbling in their internal affairs!  Dem Wahabs don't like that!

There is/are no such thing/title as a Wahab/Wahabs. I suggest you educate yourself and refrain from using words, the meanings of which you are ignorant !  

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