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If yuh good enough, yuh nah gat problem finding wuk

Oct 16, 2020 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Source - Kaieteur News Online - https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...problem-finding-wuk/

Kaieteur News – Dem Boys Seh…

De rule is dat once you deh pun de list of candidates fuh de Opposition, yuh should resign once de new government come in. Once your employment is not by the Public Service Commission, then you are liable to be terminated at the whim of de government since you do not have what dem boys does call security of tenure.

Some people now wake up from dem slumber. Dem now realizing dat dem bin put dem name on de List of Candidates fuh de Opposition party and therefore dem should not expect to be retained by the new government. Dem gat some others who deh pun contract and de contract provide fuh dem termination with notice. Dem should not vex if dat happen. Dat is de risk yuh does tek when yuh ah wan contract employee.

Dem boys wan know about some of dem people wah get dem wuk through lines. Dem boys know about wan person who nah apply fuh wuk. She was sent to a certain place and given a big wuk for which she was woefully unsuited. If yuh can’t do de wuk yuh should walk.

Dem boys nah interested in dem wah shedding crocodile tears or dem cheerleaders pun de side wah claiming witch-hunting and victimization.

Dem boys always believe dat if you good enough and if yuh professional enough, regardless of de government, yuh gan either be retained or yuh gan find wuk. If dem wah feel dem victimized are as good as dem supporters feel, dem should have no problem in finding new wuk.

Talk half and remember if yuh running fuh political office, yuh can’t call yuh self wan public servant

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