Be content, live your life to the fullest. God made you as one of a kind, many may want to be like you. Remember ,the Grass is not always greener on the other side. Also the more you have ,bigger the problem, don't be fooled. I LIKE ME!!

Nehru posted:

Seignet, we not dealing with fiction but real people

for me he is real. The man asked God for wisdom and God gave not only wisdom but also knowledge. Wid all of dat the man had one thousand wives of all races and his own precious metal mines.

Leonora posted:
Ray posted:

who would you choose?

There's a Guyanese girl in Toronto who says she was told she looks like Princess Di. She bought Di's autobiography and devoured it. She has Di's hairstyle. I guess she thinks she's Princess Diana! 

Princess Di has a profile on GNI.  You had disclosed her identity.  Very intelligent woman.

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