“The sudden death of my husband was a shock to me; I still can’t believe that he’s dead.” This was the words of Aronva Parmanand; the woman is now left to raise her three children after her husband, Orlando Ramnarine, was electrocuted while on a fishing trip.
The woman who is unemployed told Kaieteur News that her husband was the lone provider of their family. Because her children are so small they don’t stay with anybody else beside her, and because of this she is not able to acquire a job.
The children who are Omesha, four, Kevin, two, and Devin, 11 months, are presently receiving help from family members and close friends with food. Ms. Parmanand is pleading with the public to assist her and her children.
She added that since the death of her husband she had to remove from the family home because she cannot pay the rent and is now lodging by her friend until she can provide a better home for her children.
Ms .Parmanand is very concerned that her oldest child, Omesha, will not be attending school in September due to a lack of school clothes and stationery.
Reports have been made with the Guyana and Power Light (GPL) to fix the loose wire but no one from the company ever showed up to do so, but when my husband get electrocuted GPL officials were at the scene even before the police.
The mother of the dead man told this newscast that she personally went to GPL and complained about the loose wire and persons at the company asked her how she knows that the wire had current in it.
The woman who was not on the fishing trip was at home when the news hit. “I still can’t believe that Orlando is dead and my grandchildren have nothing to eat and wear.”
Ms. Parmanand, who was sobbing uncontrollably, said that although her husband was laid to rest yesterday, she will never accept that his death could have not been avoided.
“Is long now since that wire loose from the post, and now that Orlando is dead GPL just come and move the wire not even sorry or anything, them did not tell us when clearly they are at fault.
“Every night my children would keep asking mommy where daddy, when he coming back, and being the only one in their life I don’t know what to tell them and is me they looking up to.
“While at the funeral Omesha, keep rubbing his face and that hurts me because I know that although she saw him lie down in that box she still don’t know that he is dead.”

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I posted this after remembering that one of our favourite GNI posters died after being electrocuted whilst swimming.

As far as I can see this is corporate manslaughter, brought on by willful negligence. This lady has a case against GPL. Anybody knows a lawyer in Guyana who can take on this case on a no win no fee basis?

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Ok. I jus done wuk, so ah lil tired and may not be reading dis ting rite

Nehru,  was this man electrocuted at home or on a fishing tri

The man was at work trying to make a living so he could feed his family. So it was death brought on by corporate negligence. This is clearly a case that requires legal action.

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Bibi Haniffa posted:

Mothers are resilient people.  I am sure she will find a way to feed her kids. Hopefully with support from family, friends, and her community.

Most of them are but you also have black widows in between...

It’s a simple flat empty statement. True, they are resilient and do stand on their feet with help.  However, when this is short, see how quickly they spiral downward into a life selling themselves to put food on the table.  The fact that she appealed tells of the growing desperation!

She will need help, and for a sustained period.  The government needs to step in with social assistance. Furthermore, someone needs to take up the case and hold the employer accountable.  

The employer should be part of the financial solution.  The Govt officials living in the stratosphere while people struggle to breathe in the gutter. 

PPP was no different. They ain’t do squat for workers rights except maybe sugar workers. 

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