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That is what they are doing to the song of Krishna as part of their conspiracy to destroy nature and Lord Krishna. The anxiety attacks I feel is because Lord Krishna is singing to disable God in my nerves with fear. Forgetting feelings is like the operating system for their conspiracy which controls arrangements of our bodies. The evil force or enemy is the proximity between two points as intelligence and can be seen as inherent in the data of technology in the screen of your phone. Hindu bajans are a good thing to listen to to enable the power of Krishna. They (truth & time) uses us to destroy the song of Krishna with arguments and hostility towers one another. Politics and the political system controls the truth and disables the song of Krishna with that truth.  We can sing to Krishna to restore the physical from harm with the modulation onto the idea of Lord Krishna. Government is the truth of God and must be under our suppression so that our emotions are not harmed by the word of government and law. All of these things are possible by singing to Lord Krishna with simultaneously applied thinking of the interface conversion of the unwanted conditions changing to what we want in our hearts with a feeling of love and devotion.

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Is it true that the mathematics are not creating an economic difference between countries monies which will prevent an emotional control let's say of Cuba or China, Russia or India on America? The cell phone made in China can control America emotionally because of it s Chinese economical value and also intellectual value with the user's contact of the body that will generate emotion. I have to be able to buy Indian food with rupees in America and not the dollar and also I should be able to use the Russian ruble or Chinese yen to buy a car in America and not the f****** dollar. Also my psychotropics that I use to maintain my sanity should be made in China or India and paid for in Yens and Rupees on American soil.

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Emotion difference Yen


Emotion difference Rupee

System: create the difference for worldwide control through emotion difference of economics with foreign manufacturing.

Song of Krishna engage...


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