Dave posted:

Yes I live in Guyana, that’s why I can challenge you on your false claim. 

So what’s holding black people back.

Granger ( a African leader ) call black people out on “ Emancipation Day “ how interesting is this. 

Stop having victim mentality, feel hopeless, and do self-destructive things that make black lives even worse.

You aren't black though so why do you scream that you are an expert in how they think?

I assume that you plan to vote for Granger given that you so enthusiastically endorse his views.  Yes he did give you permission for you to scream your racist rant.

kp posted:

The most senior and experienced person for the commissioner is not qualified for the job, because he is INDIAN, full stop.

And yes this happened often to blacks under the PPP.

Your point?  Did you object then?  Most likely not, so why do you object now?

This is guyana's biggest problem. Black and coolie. Almost every thread degenerates into the blackman this, the coolie man that. Remove all the blacks and coolie and send them to some deserted island in the middle of nowhere and guyana would be a paradise.

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