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The First Indo - Guyanese to win the Guiana Scholarship: Mr. Balgobin Persaud,of Golden Grove, East Coast

London Matriculation Examination Guiana Scholar’s Success

Mr. B. Persaud secures honours at Cambridge. The many friends of Mr. B. Persaud, the Guiana scholar of 1916 and son of Beni Persaud of Golden Grove, East Coast, Demerara will be pleased to learn of his recent success at Cambridge Tapos.

Mr. Persaud who specialized in science, is continuing his studies in that direction and at the recent Cambridge he secured Third Class Honours in Natural Science.

Source; the Daily Chronicle, Saturday, 26 July 1919 : page 5

In 1916 and for the first time in the history of the East Indians in the colony, Mr. Balgobin Persaud, son of Mr. Baldeo Persaud of the East Coast, Demerara, who entered Queen’s College, in 1910, succeeded in winning the Guiana Scholarship, for that year and proceeding to Cambridge University, took the M.A. degree.

Source; Ruhomon, Peter - the History of the East Indians in British Guiana page 189
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