On March 2, 2020 in the mother of all elections, the PNC party put Guyana in a deadlock as to who should form the government. Africans leaders and think tanks in the PNC party lost the March 2, 2020 elections which was condemned by all observers including the Organization of American States OAS, Commonwealth Europeans Nations, CARICOM Carter Center and the USA. The Granger PNC (African-based) party did NOT want the PPP Indian-based party to get the seat of the Presidency in an oil rich nation. The stand-off for political power and the Presidency is presently the cause for the political deadlock. 

Hardcore African leaders and think tanks want Granger to be declared President. However, Granger knows that declaring himself President against the wishes of the int er national communities, especially the USA will bring strong sanctions and will bring Guyana to its knees economically as in the Burnham Era. The oil money being placed in banks will be seized by the U.S.A. and President Donald Trump has made his position clear on Guyana.

The Indian populists can move Indians in Guyana to a 1971 Pakistan / Bangladesh style conflict by ignoring the will of the PPP leaders who are constantly hammering idiotic passive style actions in the courts, which for years, African leaders have taken as weakness. The more passive Indians remain situations like this will continue to rise if they do not shout what they want loudly and stop hiding in their houses. Passivity emboldens a bully. it does not prevent bullying. I have written and talked about this situation in Guyana for years and here it is now. Blatant cheating and outright stealing from the elections because the opposition already knows Indians will do nothing about it so why follow the law? Hold on Trinidad, your turn is coming, PNM has smelled your weakness for decades and UNC is nothing but a smoke screen.

Shared-Government is one of the solutions on the table to solve the political deadlock but has put forward by Indian political analyst losers. Whenever Africans lose an election the leaders and think tanks promote the call for Shared-Government. There are some foolish intellectual Indians who also succumb to the idea of Shared-Government but both Africans / Indians who want Shared Government never outline what is Shared-Government with the exception of Granger when he was an opposition to the Ramoutar government. Granger wanted a big say in the budget disbursements, but Granger wanted the armed forces to remain predominantly Africans, ever wonder why? Does the PNC talk shared government when it wins? If not, then why it is only when an Indian-based-originated political party win power, suddenly, there is talk about power sharing? Strangely, in any power arrangement Indian people always get a smaller share of the pie. When Burnham was put in power by Britain and the CIA why wasn’t this considered African colonization? Why didn’t they want power sharing then?

The few loser Indians who want shared government promote the idea based on the SWISS style of ethnic shared power. But Guyana ain’t Switzerland. What proponents of shared government fail to realize is the civility that prevails in Switzerland is NOT the same as in  

Guyana. Dr. Irfaan Ali/ Bharat Jagdeo need to stop fighting these battles in the courts which is the easy way out and let the sanctions take their toll and a natural course. Do not go to sleep on this issue. The answer to the race problem in Guyana is decentralization and/or splitting Guyana. 

Decentralization is the best to hold ethnic divided nations like Guyana together but the concept of African leaders is that slave descendants must be the tax collectors and all others must be tax payers but that will NOT cut it with decentralization. Decentralization must be tailored as in the USA for it to work. The best solution is actually the SPLINTING / PARTITIONING OF GUYANA… A 100% SOLUTION to race problems. This will only happen if Indians provoke a Bangladesh-type situation for a big brother intervention from larger Super Powers. Sanctions will only hurt, but it’s not the cure. Decentralization may only delay the inevitable, if they don’t want Indians there then split the country right down the middle.

Jai Guyana, Trinidad you are next,  

Vassan Ramracha

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