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I look forward to seeing Harris’ super DAG series

Dear Editor,

Mr Paul Harris’ cartoons, in my opinion, have done the most to hit home the point that senior GECOM officials have fixed the counting – rigged at the point of counting SOPs – to favour their communal leader, Mr David Granger. 

I would love to have a collection of Harris’ super DAG cartoons in a booklet. I would definitely buy a few. I hope that will be possible one day. For now, I look forward to seeing the super DAG series.

Yours faithfully,

 Tarron Khemraj


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You all experimented with Granger and discovered a Frankenstein monster. Well, this man is worst than Covid.  He has no respect for the constitution and the lives of people. Granger is a dictator like his mentor, Forbes Burnham.  

Hey hey hey...Billy bai yuh sound vex vex these days. Like Granja cut up yuh bais runnings foh full pocket and victimise who dem na like 

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