Here comes Guyana's best hope for salvation SHUMAN

yuji22 posted:

He will have to face a very violent PNC at upcoming elections after their call for war. I don’t think that Shuman can effectively deal with the PNC’s violence and intimidation. 

He is scared to even condemn the PNC !

Sadly, another party with hope bites the dust !

I would be careful there.  Amerindians are the only people who ever took up arms against the PNC!

Not this PNC. This PNC became a wounded lion after the NCV. 

They refused to give him Yumana Yana for launching his party and he folded his tail between his legs and ran away.

This banna does not act like he has native blood. He is Mr. Canadian nice boy.

Nice guys finish last in politics. Chalk one up for another political coward like Cheddi. PNC will chew up and spit out this banna. 

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