Happy Birthday Chami May 21st

Chami I am sorry I missed your birthday, your very first without the love of your life. I share that pain indeed and know only too well the thoughts that are trailing in your mind. Be strong my sister and carry on the torch of love for the children and yourself, for all that matters now is you and the children,


I am leaving tomorrow for NY for a few days, I will be seeing some family members that I have not seen in decades. My kids are not going this time, but they will be going to NY also in few weeks time to their cousins.

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A very happy birthday to you, Cham!

May God bless and reward you for all the good that you do.

Enjoy the balance of the evening...may all the beautiful songs, conversations, and moments of today bring laughter to your heart.

One dozen red roses delivered in glass vase with bow

The Symbol of Love from your secret admirer. There is a note hidden inside that says, better late than never....with a poem about roses. If I Could, I would. If I could plant a rose that grows tall enough to touch your bedroom window, I would. Happy Birthday my love.  

One dozen red roses delivered in glass vase with bow

Chameli posted:

Thank you Shanaz....

Nice to see u here Riffstah

I was in the backyard hanging out clothes when i heard GilSah shout out for me...me run come see wha go on

now me and my waggy sitting on the font porch watching the blackbirds, finch, wrens, sparrows and doves eat the feed i put on a try in the driveway ( i felt so happy to see a pair of cardinals in my garden around 7 this morn)...listening to the icecream truck go by and watch the kids run after it oh and i am sipping on my home made ice cap...

btw, can someone explain to me in english what is all that rambling with the roses above?

wait a minute you don't like um.

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