GuySuCo in urgent cash flow meeting with govt.


September 18,2016

The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) says it wishes to inform members of the public that a meeting was held today between the Acting President Moses Nagamootoo, Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Clive Thomas and Chief Executive Officer, Errol Hanoman, to discuss urgent cash flow relative to wages, salaries and other payments at GuySuCo.

It was agreed at the meeting that as a matter of urgency, a presentation will be made at the Cabinet meeting scheduled for tomorrow, a release from GuySuCo said.

Further, the meeting agreed on steps to be taken to ensure that employees are paid for services provided to the Corporation over the past week.

The Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer were told  that the matter is being given the utmost consideration by the Government and the Corporation now awaits the response from Cabinet after the meeting tomorrow.

The Chairman wishes to assure employees, their families and communities, that every effort will be made to resolve this matter very shortly, the release said.

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Prashad posted:

The industry has been decimated.

They have been having these meetings since Jagdeo decimated it. Even before the coalition sat down Guysuco ran to them wailing that they couldn't even meet payroll due in TWO weeks.   

I expected to hear all the excuses to justify what happened under the PPP.

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